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Fashion Girl Mermaid

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    Introducing the delightful Fashion Girl collection by Berjuan, available now at our Australian eCommerce store. Standing at 35 cm tall, these enchanting dolls are perfect for children and collectors alike, offering a touch of magic and imagination in every doll.

    Meet the Fashion Girls:

    Mermaid: Dive into adventure with this Mermaid doll. Featuring long, flowing hair and a shimmering mermaid tail, she’s perfect for underwater escapades and storytelling fun.

    Why Choose Fashion Girl Dolls by Berjuan?

    • Perfect Size: Each doll stands at 35 cm, making them the ideal size for play and display.
    • Detailed Craftsmanship: Every doll is crafted with intricate details and high-quality materials, ensuring they are both durable and beautiful.
    • Imaginative Play: With a variety of enchanting characters, these dolls inspire creativity and imaginative play in children.
    • Made in Spain: Proudly made in Spain, these dolls reflect the excellence and tradition of Spanish toy craftsmanship.

    Discover the magic of the Fashion Girl collection by Berjuan, where each doll brings a unique story and endless possibilities for imaginative play. Add these charming dolls to your collection today and let the adventures begin!

    Recommended age group: 3 years or older
    Size: 35 cm / 13,8 in

    Weight: 1.0 kg / 2.2 lb

    Fashion Girl Mermaid
    Fashion Girl Mermaid