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Nines Artesanals d'Onil, was born in 1985. It is a firm that inherits the artisanal tradition of the doll industry which dates back to the 19th century in Onil, Alicante – Spain. Nines firmly believe in the importance of stimulating imagination, psychomotor skills and role assumption through play from early childhood.

With a history and experience of more than 35 years, Nines Artesanals d'Onil has grown and evolved to be present in a large number of countries.

Nines are committed to creating products made with love in a traditional way.

Their dolls are made in Spain, by a team of people who put their whole heart into each one of them. They have the Craftsmanship Seal of the Valencian Community. This entity recognizes and endorses their procedures as craftsmanship.

The Origin Seal accredits the tradition, authenticity, quality and exclusivity of their dolls.

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