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Interactive Baby Doll Susú Green

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    Introducing Baby Susú, the interactive doll that brings nurturing play to life without the need for batteries. Designed for realistic and engaging play, the 38 cm Baby Susú allows children to experience the joys and responsibilities of caring for a baby.


    • I Pee and Poop in My Diaper: Just like a real baby, Baby Susú can pee and poop in her diaper after feeding.
    • You Can Give Me the Dummy: Comfort Baby Susú with her dummy.
    • You Can Give Me My Baby Bottle: Feed her with the included baby bottle.
    • You Can Feed Me: Prepare her baby food and watch her eat.
    • You Can Change My Diaper: After feeding, you can clean her up and change her diaper.
    • You Can Give Me a Bath: Baby Susú is designed to be bathed, making playtime even more fun.
    • I Can Close My Eyes: When it's time for a nap, lay her down and watch her close her eyes.

    How It Works:

    1. Feed Her: Start by giving Baby Susú her baby bottle or baby food.
    2. Watch Her Pee and Poop: After feeding, simply lift her arm and see how she wets her diaper.
    3. No Batteries Required: Enjoy endless interactive play without the need for batteries.

    Additional Accessories:

    Baby Susú comes with a range of accessories and clothing to enhance the play experience, including:

    • Baby bottle
    • Dummy
    • Baby food dish
    • Additional clothing
    • Diaper changing supplies

    Why Choose Baby Susú by Berjuan?

    • Interactive Play: Engage children in realistic, nurturing play that teaches responsibility and empathy.
    • Battery-Free Fun: Enjoy interactive features without the hassle of replacing batteries.
    • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Made with care and attention to detail, ensuring durability and longevity.
    • Educational Value: Encourages imaginative play and helps children learn about daily baby care routines.

    Bring home Baby Susú by Berjuan, the perfect interactive doll that makes caring for a baby a delightful and educational experience. Add her to your collection today and watch as she becomes a beloved companion for your child.

    Recommended age group: 3 years or older
    Size: 38 cm / 15 in

    Weight: 1.51 kg / 3.33 lb

    Interactive Baby Doll Susú Green