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Nines Artesanals d'Onil

Handcrafted Little Mia Doll to dress red hair (3199_01) by Nines D'Onil

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    Introducing Our Little Mia Collection - The Perfect Petite Companions!

    Meet the Little Mia dolls, the charming younger sisters of our beloved Mia Collection! These exquisite dolls bring the same magic and beauty, now in a smaller, more portable size.

    These Little Mia dolls come without clothing, allowing you to dress them with the accessories and outfits you love most. This gives each doll a personalized touch and unique style, tailored to your preferences.

    With their stunning hair, perfect for creative hairstyling adventures, Little Mia dolls invite endless fun. Blow-dry and style their hair to your heart's content! These petite treasures are not only collectible gems but also ideal for imaginative play.

    And the fun doesn't stop there – Little Mia dolls are bathable too, ensuring extra playtime joy! Dive into a world of imagination with our Little Mia dolls, where beauty and versatility come together for countless adventures.

    Set a fashion trend with your Little Mia doll - the ultimate mini fashionista and perfect companion.

    • Made 100% in Spain in a traditional way.
    • Product language: Spanish.
    • Vinyl body.
    Recommended age group: 3 years or older
    Size: 23 cm / 9 in

    Weight: 0.32 kg / 0.71 lb

    Handcrafted Little Mia Doll to dress red hair (3199_01) by Nines D&